Terracotta Warriors in Liverpool

I want to tell you about the exhibition itself and also about how important it is that it’s being held in Liverpool. & of course, there’ll be plenty of pictures too.

The Terracotta Warriors exhibit being held in Liverpool is a big thing. There being a Tate art gallery in Liverpool is a big thing. That there are several national museums here is a big thing.

The Terracotta Warriors exhibit being held in Liverpool is a big thing.

It marks Liverpool out, the North out, as being worthy of art, no actually, of being in need & want of art. We’re not backwards or uneducated in the North & we don’t WANT to travel all the way to London each time we’d like a little bit of culture. We want it up here.

The north is famous for breathtaking & brilliant artists (David Hockney, L.S. Lowry, & George Stubbs), for entrancing & enlightened writers (Anthony Burgess, Beatrix Potter & the Bronte sisters), for wistful & not wasteful poets (Roger McGough, William Wordsworth), & Liverpool itself thrives on it’s history, it helps us identify with others; why wouldn’t we be the perfect place to stage major exhibitions. For goodness sake, THE Henry Tate (as in the Tate galleries) was born in Lancashire & started his business empire in Liverpool.

& what a exhibition it is! I heard some bad reviews of the exhibit beforehand along with the rave reviews. Too small, i wouldn’t pay £14.50 for that, there’s only seven warriors. But take the time, look properly, realise what’s here & you’ll leave with a look of awe on your face. Yes there are only seven warriors, but you wouldn’t have time to survey them individually if you were faced with thousands. Each is hypnotically different; infantrymen, general, charioteer, officer, archers. Standing, crouching, all prepared for their role in battle; each one with different facial features & expressions, different stances, & different uniforms. They deserve to be separated & identified, to be explored & to awe.

There’s also a vast amount of contemporary contextual artefacts, to place the warriors in their time & place in the ancient world, giving you a good understanding (if you can get over the multitude of leaders names) of what the warriors truly represent; & that’s power of the ruler, worship of him & a strong belief in an afterlife where these warriors would be needed.

I, for one, am glad I paid £14.50. Cheaper than a visit to China. I just wish my daughter was old enough to take too (somehow at 3 months old I don’t think she’d take it all in 😉). I hope one day, or on multiple days of her life, to take her to major & marvellous exhibitions held in Liverpool, or the North of England in general. But I can encourage others to go and experience this one. It’s on until 28th October, including some Friday & Saturday evening dates; so check out the photos below, get yourself to Liverpool, march into the museum & make the most of this limited opportunity.


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