Fiction Shelf #1

The Little Paris Bookshop

by Nina George.

A not-too-intense read but I couldn’t stop turning the page. It took me less than 48 hours to read it so I’d definitely recommend it for when you want a gentler read (but definitely not a dumbed down one). Very descriptive but not unnecessarily so (which I loved), I got lost in the senses of the characters & the emotions & the places they travel through. A journey of love & lost love, mistakes, denial & regrets. A perfect little journey through people’s not so perfect lives.

Three Daughters: A Novel

by Consuelo Saah Baehr.

The story of three consecutive Palestinian daughters; Miriam, Nadia & Nisjme. It is about the links between them, & their links with others. It is a story of interaction with partners, family, friends & outsiders, & the example they set you (or don’t) & the respect & understanding they show you (or again don’t). It is also about their shared Palestinian heritage, whether born into or born of. A truly enrapturing read with emotions so deep your face will have been exercised thoroughly by all the crying, frowning & smiling.

Leaving Berlin

by Joseph Kanon.

The story of a young Jewish writer who fled to America during WWII & now returns to Berlin. This is a new world for him, three-sided with Americans, Russians & Germans, & all vying for his ‘loyalty’. But an old world for him too decorated with links to the past; the family, friends & lovers left behind. (In my humble opinion) the novel didn’t build the tension enough to cover the intrigue but the story is a mixture of history, political espionage & personal relationships which kept me needing-to-know right to the last line.


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