A Day Out In Liverpool in Photos.

September 2016.

Liverpool’s dockside with the Albert Dock to the left & Mann Island & the Liver Buildings in the distance.

Fury of war’ by Maria Lassnig/ Exhibition @ Tate Liverpool: Lassnig fuses the human figure with inanimate objects to examine the relationship between them.

Three studies for figures at the base of a crucifixion’ by Francis Bacon/ Exhibition @ Tate Liverpool: Bacon’s unconventional figures change the relationship of how we see set ideas in art; the figures, the settings & any attributes all contribute to confusing the boundaries for the viewer.

Liverpool Biennial 2016 @ Tate Liverpool: The theme of Ancient Greece mixing ancient Greek remains with contemporary artist’s reflections upon them.

Liverpool Biennial 2016 @ St. George’s Dock: an ancient world inspired fountain by Betty Woodman.

Part of a monument to Nelson @ Exchange flags: The prisoners around the base represent the French prisoners of war held in Liverpool during the Napoleonic Wars.

Ye hole in Ye Wall pub on Hawkins Hey.

Leather Lane.

Eleanor Rigby statue on Stanley Street: Love seeing people sit next to her for a photo.

The Athenaeum on Church Alley: “Founded in 1797 to facilitate access to information & knowledge”.

Kernaghan Books: My new favourite find. A fantastically eclectic independent bookshop, run by a wonderful couple who are more than happy to help & chat.

‘We invoke the culture of heretics’: Artwork @ the Bluecoat Art Gallery.

Vegan graffiti.

Superlambananas: Yes, it’s a thing. Look it up. It (the original) & they are awesome!

Liverpool Biennial 2016 @ The Oratory: Ancient Greece inspired 3D printed art, linking the classical past, the neoclassical near-past & the present.

Liverpool Biennial 2016 @ Epic Hotel, Duke Street: Van Gogh Ltd, part of the Biennial’s ‘Monuments from the Future’ theme.


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