Introducing… …Me.

    A month ago as I finished my university degree, I began to wonder what to do to fill the void. I started studying a little ‘late’ (6 years ago when I was 26) & i have studied part-time via distance learning with the Open University whilst continuing to work alongside it. After 6 years of a continual & incremental ‘slog’ (though I loved almost every minute of it) & how much of my spare time it took up, I’m ready to continue exploring what life has to offer & to create something new.

    Travel has always been my passion, though not just in the collection of beautiful places to add to a list. My list has always been about more. My passion is for different cultures & ways of life, which, I believe, enhance my understanding of the world, of what to do in life & of what it means to be human.

    I was told a story in R.E. class at school, about a cultural melting pot in which human traits & traditions become intertwined, creating a more complex yet harmonious world to live in. In some ways this seems like far-fetched, utopian make-believe but in reality new & interesting cultures, adventures & discoveries are only a flight (or other modes of transport journey) away, or sometimes just around the corner, or even waiting on your bookshelf.

    This is what my passion gives me – a wonderful gift! & here is where I hope to share it with you.


    Jennifer Lewis 


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