American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

​    A series of unusual events leads a recently released ex-convict, by the name of Shadow, on a journey through the soul of America, where he encounters the gods of the faiths brought to America with each influx of new immigrants throughout its history.

    American Gods was a spectacular novel to read & a great introduction to Neil Gaiman’s oeuvre (or so I’ve been reliably informed). As Shadow is submerged further & further into this ‘there & not-there’ world, I realised it must be a book that can be interpreted in so many ways – with incredible scope for a personal journey.

    I love Shadow’s character because he is extremely relatable but also because I wish I was more like him – with his go-with-the-flow attitude, accepting the many adventures which present themselves & not hiding from them. In Shadow’s actions, I question my own actions; what would I do: & here I find the best case scenario of myself – the one who would!

    American Gods blew my mind a little, with its story resonating on multiple levels,  & i wish (in vain) I could read it again with fresh eyes. I’m eager to read more of Gaiman’s stories & definitely ready to recommend this book to the many I know will enjoy it.

Favourite quote: 

Character talking about herself & the other gods.

“Think of us as symbols – we’re the dream that humanity creates to make sense of the shadows on the cave walls”.

Specific copy info: Publisher: Headline Review  Isbn: 978-0755322817


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